Take Down Photo Gallery

Time to put Christmas Storybook Land to bed!

Many hands are needed to carefully dismantle the Storybook Land scenes, pack them in cardboard bins, and load them into the ten semi-trailers for storage until next year.  All Christmas lights are taken down, trees are removed, and the venue swept clean.

Having coworkers volunteer as a “group” is a great way to build teams while helping the local community. Contact us to bring your team.

For two days we have a morning shift–9 a.m.-12 p.m. and afternnoon shift 12:30-3:30 p.m.   Come during whatever time works for you and bring your friends!   Snack breaks are offered in the morning and afternoon shifts and a free lunch is available at noon.

Youth from high schools, middle schools, scouts, and other youth organizations are encouraged to participate. A volunteer work validation form is available so youth may receive community service hours for their effort.

As the Cascade Pavilion isn’t heated, dress warmly. Coat, hat, gloves, and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Register and sign up to help take down scenes on the volunteer page.

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Are you a business?


Having employees volunteer as a group is a great way to build teams while volunteering for the local community.

Contact us to set up your group; then have each member register and sign up for this activity.



It is important to be familiar with the following when helping with scene take down:

Ladder safety video: 


Fire extinguisher training video:


bringing minors?


Minors, which include any volunteers under the age of 18, require a completed Parent/Guardian Release Form.


Children under the age of 13 must have a registered adult accompany them in addition to the completed Parent/Guardian Release Form