Star Wars Day Photo Gallery


May the Force Be With You…

Since 2016,  Cloud City Garrison (of the 501st Legion) and Kashyyyk Base, with the help of Concordia Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, bring Star Wars magic to Christmas Storybook Land. Fans of all ages look forward to this free and unique Star War experience at Christmas Storybook Land.

Characters will entertain throughout the Cascade Pavilion. Star Wars Day is hosted on only one day during our event season, so more greeters are needed to handle the larger crowd during the weekend daytime shifts.    

Sign up to be a Greeter on the volunteer page for the shift stated above.

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Are you a business?


Having employees volunteer as a group is a great way to build teams while volunteering for the local community.

Contact us to set up your group; then have each member register and sign up for this activity.



It is important for all Greeters to be familiar with the following when helping with fine tuning:


  • Fire extinguisher training video:



bringing minors?


Minors, which include any volunteers under the age of 18, require a completed Parent/Guardian Release Form.

Children under the age of 13 must have a registered adult accompany them in addition to the completed Parent/Guardian Release Form