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A fun-filled day for the children!

A group of at least 12 fun-loving people who enjoy children are needed to greet, monitor, and assist almost 3,000 children safely through Christmas Storybook Land during four School Tour Days during the first full week of December. 

School Tour Helpers greet the children and are responsible for the safety and comfort of all including operation of a fire extinguisher, location of rest rooms and fire exits, and reporting of any injury.

Helpers are equipped with an identification badge and flashlight. Tours usually run from 9 am to 2:30 pm but helpers can sign up for a morning or afternoon shift.  Daily potluck lunches allow helpers to gather and socialize. Dress warmly as the venue is not heated. For more information contact the School Tour Volunteer Coordinator.

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It is important for all school tour volunteers to be familiar with the following:

  • Pre-registration and scheduling required to participate. On arrival check in at the sign-in table to receive your name badge before participating.
  • Read the Greeter Guidelines before participating.
  • View the Fire extinguisher training video: