Mother Goose Photo Gallery

Could you be Mother Goose?

Mother Goose is a sweet, grandmother figure who spends her time asking everyone if they would like to hear Goosey Lucy (our talking Goose) tell nursery rhymes.  

Mother Goose is kind and patient with her time and treats everyone equally, young and old.  Many visitors ask to have pictures taken with Mother Goose so be ready to pose and smile!

Women 18 and older are welcome to play the part of Mother Goose. A hat, apron, shawl, and lap blanket are provided, but be sure to dress warmly as you will be sitting most the time.  After your shift, leave all of the costume in the Mother Goose chair. Please turn off Goosey Lucy to save her batteries and leave her in the chair.

For questions, please call Faye 541-926-4072 or contact the Mother Goose Costume Coordinators .

Shifts are only 2 to 2 ½ hours and everyone is welcome to do more than one shift.  

Register and schedule to be a Mother Goose on the volunteer page.