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What do Greeters Do?

Being a greeter is a fun and a worthwhile way to celebrate the Christmas season each year! A minimum of 13 greeters are needed for each shift at Storybook Land, and there are 31 shifts, so you are likely to find a time that works for you. Shifts are not long, lasting 2-3 hours. As a Greeter, you can:

  • Welcome  and keep count of visitors at the entrance 
  • Accept non-perishable food items for Fish, which are distributed to needy families in the local area
  • Greet and assist visitors throughout the display to monitor the scenes
  • Operate the Grinch 
  • Ensure the safety of visitors including finding the location of rest rooms and fire exits, reporting of any injury, and although hopefully never needed, the operation of a fire extinguisher

Each shift is managed by a head greeter who is a board member who will train and work with greeters.

Sign up to be a Greeter on the volunteer page.

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Are you a business?


Sign up your business to be a greeter group!

Having employees volunteer as a group is a great way to build teams while volunteering for the local community.

Contact the Greeter Coordinator to pick a date and shift time for your crew.  Then each person who participates in your group registers as a volunteer and signs up for the group’s assigned date and shift.  



It is important to be familiar with the following when helping with fine tuning:

Fire extinguisher training video:


bringing minors?


Minors, which include any volunteers under the age of 18, require a completed Parent/Guardian Release Form.

Children under the age of 13 must have a registered adult accompany them in addition to the completed Parent/Guardian Release Form