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    Is an indoor or outdoor event?
    This is an indoor event  

    Can I take pictures?
    Yes! Feel free to take pictures during your visit.  

    Can I bring my dog?
    Service dogs only, please.



    I registered to volunteer. Now what do I do?
    Some activities require scheduling ahead of time, and some are set times and days. Visit the Scheduling Page to find the department you’ve signed up to work with and see what steps to take next.

    I want to volunteer but I have children under the age of “x”. Can I bring them with me?
    Adult volunteers may list any accompanying children when they register as a Storybook Land volunteer. Adult is responsible for accompanying and supervising any child 13 or under.  

    I’ve been ordered to do community service. Do you give credit for this?
    Insurance requirement prohibit Christmas Storybook Land from registering volunteers who are doing community service hours required by the court system.



    I have old ornaments / lights / decorations. Can I donate them to Christmas Storybook Land?
    If you have decorations, lights, or other Christmas item for donation, call our Scene Development Chairperson at 541-926-4072 or contact us through the website.  

    I like to knit/sew/make things, and I heard you give gifts to the individuals who come on Senior Day. Do you take donations for giveaways?
    Donations of small gifts for senior citizens and special needs individuals are welcome! Contact us through the website or call 541-928-4656.  

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