Scene Dividers, Trees, Lights & Electrical Setup Photo Gallery

Build the forest!

Help create the forest walkways and scene spaces by setting up the scene dividers according to the presentation floor layout.  

PLACE FENCES & ZIP TIE TREES:  Carry and place metal fencing to divide scenes as shown on the floor layout.  Zip tie the trees to the fences and add lights to trees.

HANG OVERHEAD LIGHTS:   Ability to climb a ladder and use a scissor lift is helpful.  

INSTALL ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS:  Plug in power strips and extension cords.  Three extension cords per power strip.  

TREE SORTERS and MOVERS:  Many helpers needed to sort and move trees around the venue.

GENERAL CLEAN UP:  Sweeping and area clean up. 

All are welcome; those under 13 need to be accompanied by an adult. Dress warmly as the venue is not heated. Sturdy shoes and gloves are suggested.

Pre-register and schedule the days you can help.  Day and evening hours are available so you can find a time that best fits your schedule. 

More Info

Are you a business?


Having employees volunteer as a group is a great way to build teams while volunteering for the local community.

Contact us to set up your group;  your group leader registers and signs up for this activity. and each volunteer completes a simple paper release to participate. 



It is important to be familiar with the following when helping with fine tuning:

Ladder safety video: 


Fire extinguisher training video:


bringing minors?


Minors, which include any volunteers under the age of 18, require a completed Parent/Guardian Release Form.


Children under the age of 13 must have a registered adult accompany them in addition to the completed Parent/Guardian Release Form